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Beginner’s resources for interactive media

October 19, 2007

Dilbert web 2.0

When I entered the world of interactive media recently, I was fortunate enough to have some great guidance to direct towards some places where I could learn more about the field, follow trends etc. This site already has the “Resources” page, which has links to a bunch of the sites I use whenever I have to do research on interactive media in general or on specific topics, and the blogroll, which contains a lot of very interesting and insightful bloggers from the advertising, marketing and interactive media world.

But in addition to that, I thought I’d post a few more things that could help when starting out in interactive media. I will be updating this post once in a while, and if any of you have any more ideas, resources, concepts or anything you think would add to this “introduction” to interactive, please add it to the list with a comment!

First off, I’m aways talking about StumbleUpon. It’s a great service and it’s how I find a lot f really great stuff. You download a toolbar, specify the topics that you are interested in, click the “Stumble” button and you will be taken to a random site related to one of your interests. If you like the site, click on the button on the bar, if not, click on the other one. You can also review the site, “stumble” a new site, create a profile. The service “learns” about your tastes the more you use it and gives you more of what you like.

PodTech makes a great pod/vodcast, “Marketing Voices“, that covers interactive media topics and interview relevant people. The interviews are usually pretty long but pretty insightful.

Slideshare is a site that lets people upload their PowerPoint presentations. It has lots of really useful presentations and is great for getting introductions to many topics. On another post I’ll refer you to some good ones!

The Internet Advertising Bureau in the UK has a website that is a great resource as well. It often has downloadable presentations from the panels and events that they host as well as extremely useful articles on both concepts and on various statistics.

TED Talks are also a great place to watch very intelligent people talk about great ideas, online and for free!

And now, some concepts and tools related to interactive:

The Interactive Media Mix:
Banner ads
Online videos
Mobile marketing
Audio Streaming

Other stuff:

Web 2.0
Conversational Marketing
Social Media

UPDATE 10/23/2007: Check out this post for a lot of resources on social media

Social Media Marketing/Optimization
Guerilla Marketing
Video blogs (sometimes vlogs)
The Long Tail (Chris Anderson)
Search Engine Marketing/Optimization
Branded Utility

RSS (really simple syndication)
User generated content
Consumer generated media
Citizen journalism
Content sharing
Social networks/networking

UPDATE 10/20/07

How could I forget Microsites?!

Some websites to know about:

Technorati (blog and social media search engine)
Twitter (microblogging)
Facebook (social networking)
LinkedIn (professional social neworking)
Flickr (photo sharing)
Digg (news sharing, filtered by popularity though user voting) (social bookmarking)
YouTube (video sharing)
Slashdot (tech news)
Mahalo (human powered search engine)
Odeo (application for recording and sharing podcasts)
Metacafe (media/video sharing)

And that’s it for now. Don’t forget to add your suggestions to the comments!

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